The Matzoball is the biggest social event for young Jewish people.

This year they are taking it virtual and international.

It’s seriously considered the coolest ticket in town in the USA and the f2f Matzoball events sell out months before.

We are delighted that they chose Jconnect to be their Australian partners. If you use the code JCONNECT  you'll save $5 off the ticket price.

Who is it for? 3 different targets 21-31, 32-45, 35+ age groups will be based on what you select when you buy your ticket.

How does it work?  The platform is specifically designed for virtual speed dating- when you are on a date, you'll see a countdown of 5 min and two buttons - one button is “match “- if you both choose match, when the round ends , the mutual matches are emailed to each other so you can connect after - You'll be  guaranteed 20  five minute dates. The event will last for around 2.5 hours.