PUAC Guest Registration

The idea behind Pull Up A Chair involves offering a place at a Shabbat dinner table to people who may not have weekly Shabbat dinners with family or friends and are interested in being part of this enduring Friday night tradition.

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PUAC Guest Registration Form

  • Please enter a number from 16 to 80.
    Registrations close 14 days prior to the event. Any registrations received after this date will be considered for the next available event.
    Since 2015, our hosts have been very generous. Some guests bring along a dish to contribute to the meal and others take along some wine, flowers or other gifts to their host. We have taken your comments into consideration and have decided to charge a nominal amount of $12 for each guest. This money will go to the host in a small gesture to help them hold these wonderful dinners in their homes. If you are invited to a dinner you will be sent a link to pay your $12. Your reservation will be guaranteed once you have paid.
  • Please tell us about any food preferences.