Welcome to Jconnect speed dating!


You have successfully registered and secured a spot to attend our speed dating event in the Canopy Bar of the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay.  Dating will begin promptly at 7.30pm so you will need to arrive by 7.15pm.

If for any reason you are running late or are not able to attend please call us on 0432 097 057 to let us know ASAP.  We print the necessary paperwork for the evening the previous day so cannot make last minute changes.

The location for the evening will be held in the Canopy Bar and can be accessed via the courtyard staircase closest to where you order food in the back bar area. There will be a Jconnect poster stand located at the bottom of the stairwell.

There is parking out the back in the car park (fees apply).  Street parking at this time of night is free in Double Bay but with limited availability close to the venue please give yourself some extra time to find parking. Please be considerate of the other guests and be there on time as we will start promptly.


On the evening

  1. On arrival you will be given your speed dating card, two drink vouchers and a name tag.  It is important that you keep your speed dating card with you throughout the night and hand it to one of the organisers at the end of the evening. Your drink vouchers are good for one beer, wine, cider or soft drink. Additional drinks may be purchased from the bar throughout the evening.
  2. You will start the night sitting at your designated table. Your first table number is next to your name on the speed dating card. Every seven minutes the guys will move from table to table in order; so guys, if you start at table 12 your second table will be table 1, then 2 etc.
  3. You will have 7 minutes at each table so make those first seven minutes count!  At the end of seven minutes we will ring a bell to end the date and the guys will move on to the next table, there will be a minute break between each speed date to give you time to make notes on your card in the space provided to jog your memory and to circle the name of the person you have just met to indicate you would like to see them again. Please wrap up the conversations as soon as the bell rings so you have enough time to circle any names on your speed dating card or make notes. Notes are a good idea as it may be hard to remember who everyone is by the end of the night.
  4. Around the half-way mark, we will take a short break so you can refresh your drink or visit the restrooms.
  5. At the end of the evening you will hand in your card with the circled names and keep the other part of the card where you have made your notes. We really encourage you to circle as many as possible to give you the best chance of having mutual matches and making the best of the speed dating experience. If there is a mutual match we will send you a text exchanging contact information within 48 hours.

Feel free to stay after the official speed dating has finished and mingle.  The bar will remain open and for our exclusive use.


We hope you enjoy the Jconnect speed dating experience!