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Jconnect Virtual Speed Dating!

We have reimagined our face-to-face speed dating and created a virtual speed dating experience using Zoom.

The first step is for you to register for speed dating from the button at the bottom of this page.  We curate every event so when we have a suitable group for you, we will send you an invitation to a VSD (virtual speed dating) event.

The Jconnect VSD Zoom lounge room can be accessed via the Zoom invitation sent to you.  Please be sure to register for a free Zoom account as only verified members will be able to log into the event.  This is to ensure the best possible security on the Zoom platform.

How does Jconnect VSD work?

  1. On arrival you will be placed in the waiting room so we can verify all guests from the guest list. When you are moved from the waiting room to the lobby lounge you will be greeted by the host who you will be able to see and hear.
  2. Once everyone is in the lounge, your host will go through how the event will work again.
  3. Girls will be allocated a room for the event. Each room has a name. Girls will stay in their allocated room for the whole event. Guys will be moved from room to room every six minutes.
  4. Between each move, the guys will be moved into the transit lounge to give everyone time to make notes and fill out their match card.
  5. You will have six minutes for each date, so make those first six minutes count!  We will let you know 30 seconds before the end of the six minutes. When you see the wrap up message on your screen, please say your goodbyes.
  6. Notes are a good idea as it may be hard to remember who everyone is by the end of the night.
  7. At the end of the evening you will submit your form to us.
  8. We really encourage you tick yes to as many people as possible to give you the best chance of having mutual matches and making the best of the speed dating experience. If there is a mutual match we will send you a text exchanging contact information within 48 hours.

Before the event

Please make sure in your settings that only your first name is displayed. This is for your privacy and security. We cannot adjust your settings so it is up to you to do this prior to joining the meeting.

We think it's fun to set your background to your favourite holiday spot, or if you’re a real foodie, maybe your favourite restaurant.  It can be any background you like that tells your dates something about you. You can do this by having the image on your desktop and when you log into the event go to the arrow to the right of the video icon, choose set background and then select your photo.


We hope you'll join us and enjoy the Jconnect virtual speed dating experience!